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5 July 2022 11:49


The rival of the Mahkum series is now Kuruluş Osman and Gönül Dağı!

The new series of Fox TV took the lead in the race between the Mahkum and the Camdaki Kız on Thursday.

The fifth new episode of the Mahkum series was broadcast on Thursday, January 13, in an environment where there was no new episode of Camdaki Kız. The series Mahkum, starring Onur Tuna, İsmail Hacıoğlu, Melike İpek Yalova, Seray Kaya and Hayal Köseoğlu, received such good ratings that everyone was stunned.

The Mahkum series not only achieved double-digit ratings in all categories, but also proved that it can compete with Gönül Dağı and Mahkum, which stand out as the best series of this season.

Previously, Camdaki Kız could achieve double-digit odds, but with the advent of Mahkum this has disappeared. Now, Kanal D’s series The Camdaki Kız can get lower rates, and that’s why it’s down in the list of the best TV shows of the season.

With its fifth episode, Mahkum has also succeeded in reaching the levels reached by the TV series Kuruluş Osman and Gönül Dağı. If similar results occur next week, we can say that the Mahkum series will be among the top 3 most successful productions of the season.

We can say from the trailer that the rating results of the sixth new episode of the Mahkum series, which will be broadcast on Thursday, January 20, are very important and that the new episode will be very exciting.

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