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3 July 2022 15:40


What kind of a TV series is Canım Annem, a story of love and drama?

TV8, which has no other series other than the Kırmızı Oda, is making a big attack. There is a new TV series called Süslü Korkuluk, starring Çağatay Ulusoy and Alina Boz, as well as a daily series, Canım Annem, which will meet with the audience soon.

The TV series Canım Annem has a strong drama and the team has been working for a long time. Since it will be broadcast 5 days a week, the preparation of the series and the shooting of the first episodes take time.

The new teaser of the brand new daily series “Canım Annem”, which is produced by Saran Studios and Stellar Production and is a love and family drama, has been released. The interest in the trailer, which increased the excitement for the series, was high.

The leading roles in the series are: Selin Sezgin, Erol Gedik, Gece Işık Demirel, Serdar Yıldırım, Dilara Büyükbayraktar, Cansın Mısırlı, Faruk Pakiş, Özlem Savaş, Kayra Zabçı, Emin Önal, Belma Mamati, Yavuz Pekdiker…

It has not been announced yet when the series will air.

In “Canım Annem” directed by Yasemin Erkul Türkmenli and Ece Tahtalıoğlu Pertez; It tells the story of the twin brothers that started with the loss of their mother.

“Canım Annem” ​​will be on TV8 every weekday soon.

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