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6 July 2022 21:11


The Sadakatsiz series did a good job in the ratings

Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk, Melis Sezen and Burak Sergen take the lead roles in the TV series “Sadakatsiz”, which is on Kanal D screens on Wednesday evenings. Every episode of the TV series Sadakatsiz, adapted from the BBC production Doctor Foster, attracted great attention.

The season finale of the series Sadakatsiz, which was much more successful than the original, was held last night. The series, which completed the first season with its 31st episode, took a summer break. The season finale of the Sadakatsız series, which is expected to return to the screens in September, was not liked by the audience. Fans who have been waiting for the series, which was not broadcast last week, for 2 weeks, almost rebelled.

There were comments on social media that the season finale of the series was dull and could be a much better episode. Many series fans rebelled, saying, “Did we wait so long for this?” However, although the ratings of the series have decreased, there is a similar situation in many productions.

Struggling with the organization Osman for ratings, Sadakatsiz won the first place in the EU group, as in the previous weeks. Good results came again for the series, which came in second place in all people and ABC1 groups.

It was also the first time that the audience made intense criticism. Sadakatsiz was a project that received great support from its audience until today. However, the intense criticisms showed for the first time that the reactions to the series increased.

For the season finale, which is presented as a summary of a season, fans of the series said, “Are you kidding, dear! You made us wait in vain because we want to make a bombshell season finale for 2 weeks. I wish the end of the previous episode was the season finale”.

The season finale, which was prepared by going back to how the story started, confused many viewers. The audience also made comments expressing that they were too tired and confused. The speed of the transitions was another issue that was criticized.

Despite all these criticisms, we can say that the ratings of the TV series Sadakatsız are good.

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