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16 May 2022 19:17


The Sadakatsiz series will end, but Caner Cindoruk will not get out of trouble because of Volkan!

Özge Özder, who played the character of Derya in the TV series “Sadakatsiz” (Unfaithful) broadcast on Kanal D, answered questions at an event she attended with her husband Sinan Güleryüz. Explaining that the Sadakatsiz series is progressing very well, the actress said, “Now it’s going towards connecting the subject,” and gave the message that the final is approaching.

Özge Özder emphasized that they were running towards the final and explained how intense the tempo of the series was. Saying, “It is aired the week we shot it,” the actress reminded that a very intense study was carried out that week for each episode. Stating that she cannot give a tip towards the finale of the series, the actress said, “I would be lying if I said there were no spoilers if we were shooting from the front. “I’m not lying because I don’t know anything either,” she said.

Sinan Güleryüz also said that he sometimes asked his wife questions about the series to get tips, but could not get an answer. Güleryüz said, “Sometimes I wonder what will happen. He says, “By God, I don’t know.”

Explaining that they watched the series together and evaluated what would happen together, Sinan Güleryüz also praised Caner Cindoruk, who plays the character of Volkan. Güleryüz said, “He does everything very well. Neither more nor less,” he said.

Özge Özder also praised her co-star Caner Cindoruk. The actress said, “I think he’s going to be in trouble with this role for a long time. He will continue his life by getting a reaction on the street,” she said.

Expressing the anger of Özge Özder’s fans towards the character of Volkan even on the street, the famous couple said that they tried to send a message through the actor, and that it was a good acting to make people say this.

Caner Cindoruk, who has been highly praised by his fans with his successful performance, has recently been attracting great attention abroad.

Especially in Spain and Latin American countries, the fans of the actor have increased considerably. In addition to the Sarp character in the Kadın’s (Women) series, Volkan in Sadakatsiz made the actor stand out.

The intense viewing of these two series in Latin American countries, as well as the effect of large audiences in Spain, helped Caner Cindoruk increase his popularity abroad.

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