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19 May 2022 20:14


Pelin Karahan, who renewed her image by losing 10 kilos, broke new ground in her life!

Famous actress Pelin Karahan returned to the stage again. The actress, who played the leading role in the TV series Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru (Cyprus Towards Victory) last season, and also appeared in a movie called “Dalgalar ve İzler”, is now on the theater stage.

Pelin Karahan, who returned to her career with both serials, movies and theater works after a long break in her career, also started a cooking program on the television screen. The actress has been in an intense tempo lately and she is not complaining about this situation.

Pelin Karahan is also very pleased to be on the stage for the first time in her career with the theater play Şaşırt Beni (Surprised Me). Explaining that she has a good rote, the actress said that she worked hard and created time to work on the game, even if it was a television show.

The actress said, “The schedules overlapped, but I did it. I slept less, took less time for myself, but worked harder.” Explaining that the cooking program will continue until the end of Ramadan, the actress also explained that she learned many recipes during this process.

Explaining that she also pays attention to weight and that she only tastes the food even in her cooking program, the actress said, “I’ve lost a lot of weight recently. I exercised, I dieted. Now I eat more carefully. I lost 10 kilos.”

Pelin Karahan stated that she would very much like her sons to see her on the theater stage, and that she plans to work in the summer period. She said that it is not a project that has been clarified yet, but that she is not in a situation like taking a vacation much.

Explaining that they will go to many cities in the summer with the theater, Pelin Karahan said that she will also be involved in other projects.

Pelin Karahan, who said, “I will not leave the theater, I enjoyed it immensely and it will continue like this,” said that she was very excited and felt good on stage.

Pelin Karahan, who shared on Instagram after the performance of the play Şaşırt Beni, both showed the flowers she received and expressed her feelings with the following words.

“Words are not enough to describe my excitement yesterday. That applause we heard on the stage when everything was over… is worth all the tiredness, I once again realized yesterday that; If you work hard, have solid teammates and people who believe in you, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Good luck to all the friends who turned my house into a flower garden and were with you yesterday.”

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