The Skandal series from the producer company of the Savaşçı sounds like a bomb!
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8 February 2023 20:27


The Skandal series from the producer company of the Savaşçı sounds like a bomb!

There are important developments about the Skandal series! Law series will be prominent productions in the new season. Another project that intertwined law and drama was called Skandal. It has not been clarified yet on which channel the series, which was meticulously prepared by Limon Film, will be broadcast.

Limon Production, which is also the producer of the Savaşçı series, has entered into a very impressive series preparation for the new period. The production called The Good Wife, which started in the United States in 2009 and became one of the most watched TV series, attracted great attention as a project that continued until 2016.

Limon Film acquired the broadcast rights of the series, which combines these legal, political and drama features… After the Savaşçı series made its finale in June with its 5th season, the company’s newest and most striking project was named Skandal.

You will watch a big legal exam in the series as a result of the events of the happily married husband and wife. As a result of a Skandal on the internet, the male character is imprisoned and the female character tries to save her innocent husband from prison by returning to his main profession, a lawyer.

Another important detail of the series is that the female character started working as a lawyer in the office of the person she loved during her university years.

It was decided that the screenwriter of the TV series The Good Wife, which won Emmy and Golden Globe awards, would be Sevgi Yılmaz.

The script writing of the TV series Skandal has also started. It is among the information that there will be interviews with very impressive names for the leading roles of the series, but the names have not been clarified yet.

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