The story of Alya in the Red Room series has just begun!
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5 December 2022 00:19


The story of Alya in the Red Room series has just begun!

One of the stories that scorched the audience in the Red Room series broadcast on tv8 screens belongs to Alya. Alya is a child that no one cared about since childhood, who was subjected to violence by her parents and was pushed by her grandmother and relatives. Melisa Sözen plays the character of Alya so successfully in the series, which is based on a real life story, that viewers are locked on the screen every week.

The moments going back to the past in the scenes with Binnur Kaya reveal the terrible traces in Alya’s life. Alya, who made a scene when she first came to Mrs.Doctor, did not speak or tell, started to open up. As he tells, the viewers are literally hanging onto the screen every week.

The horror effects of the events that Alya lived with her mother in her life continue. Actually, in the continuation of the story, we will watch the event that actually destroyed Alya’s life, but before, another event that turned their lives upside down again came up.

The real story of Alya, who always dreamed of her mother washing her grandmother in the bathroom, is as follows. While her mother washes her mother-in-law, whom she is very afraid of, in the bathroom, they inevitably have tense attitudes. Due to their argument, the grandmother accidentally slips and falls.

Watching what happened in the meantime, Alya witnesses that the incident is an accident, but after the noise, all the people of the mansion see the grandmother on the floor and Alya’s mother next to her. At that very moment, they see Alya pointing at her mother with her thumb involuntarily.

After this incident, her mother will be accused and jailed because Alya also pointed to her. The real horror of Alya will begin after this event. Let’s leave it to the Red Room series, but Alya’s story will continue and the more you watch it, the more you will feel sad.

The following words of Alya made the audience depressed: “My mother could not stand me because I was a part of her. When I say my mother, I think of a black cloud. You know, there are clouds full of rain. You know, it comes to the city like this, it neither goes away nor empties it. My mother is like that, she has visited the mansion for years, nurtured the distress inside her. Actually, I didn’t have a mother. I was creating it. She was with me, and she couldn’t stand it anyway. ”

After this conversation, Alya admitted for the first time that her mother was in prison. She said that if her grandmother hadn’t died, maybe her mother and father would have been alive.

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