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6 July 2022 09:57


The sultan of the net, the sultan of the heart of Berkay Ateş, the Aras of Sadakatsiz, is out!..

Famous actor Berkay Ateş joined the cast of Kanal D’s ambitious series Sadakatsiz in the new season, after the Alev Alev series he took part in last season.

Berkay Ateş, who makes a quick introduction to the life of the character “Asya” played by Cansu Dere in the series with the character of “Aras” in Sadakatsiz, gives life to a character who lives his feelings and love high in the series. It is not known whether Berkay Ateş will find happiness in his love life in the series, but the famous actor found love in his private life.

The famous actor found the love he was looking for in our national volleyball player Simge Aköz. In the last days of last year, the news of their love affair came to the fore.

Then the famous couple was seen entering a place in Arnavutköy. When they saw the members of the press in front of them, the duo broke up and entered the venue separately. The duo no longer hides their togetherness. The last post made by Simge Aköz on his Instagram account shows that everything is going well in the couple’s love life.

Icon Aköz, who published his photos taken while laughing with his girlfriend on his social media account, dropped the note ‘So glad’. Berkay Ateş responded to his lover by writing ‘Good luck’ in Ateş. Ateş, who went to watch Aköz on the field when he was not on a set, entered the year 2022 with his friends and lover.

While Simge Aköz’s post received thousands of likes in a short time, many fans of the couple commented “Mashallah” under the photo.

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