Series News The suprising clue for The Innocents series from Ezgi Mola

The suprising clue for The Innocents series from Ezgi Mola


Since the first day of its release, the series The Innocents has been a series that has both astonished, strained, and astonished the audience, and brought many emotional situations at the same time. Knowing that the events are taken from a real story draws the viewer into a separate curiosity. Dr. With the real life story of Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu’s novel Inside the Medallion, the performances of the actors and the fluent script, she managed to lock the audience on the screen for 5 episodes.

The 6th episode will be broadcast this week, tomorrow (Tuesday, October 20), and will probably be the scene of more shocking moments than what you’ve watched so far. Because we will learn how much more painful traumas the mothers of Safiye, Neriman, Gülben and Han caused in the traces of the past, and another side of Han will emerge.

The character of Han was already showing signs of a personality contrary to what is thought for a few episodes. Although Safiye comes to the fore as the traumatic personality in the family, the situation of Han seems worse! Because Safiye is more obsessed with cleaning, but Han has serious problems with violence!

The introduction of the 6th episode, which will be broadcast this week, is proof that it will take the audience to very tragic and surprising moments, but as seen in the post of Ezgi Mola, who plays the character of Safiye in the series, a shocking episode is waiting for those who miss.

It is seen that Ezgi Mola gave an important tip, saying “This episode is incredible, that’s all I have to say”, although he does not give much information.

The suprising clue for The Innocents series from Ezgi Mola 7

Here is the 6th episode trailer that will be screened tomorrow night:

His father’s attempts to blackmail Han, who learned that he was married to İnci in the publicity, seems to cause unexpected events! While it is estimated that the man in the trunk of Han’s vehicle was the father of İnci, it is not known whether he killed or beat him, but everyone is curious. Meanwhile, those moments when what his mother did to Han as a child also come to light will terrify the audience.

It is a matter of curiosity to whom Safiye, Han and Gülben look at the house under confused looks.

So what will happen in chapter 6? Here are the details …

Hikmet’s announcement that İnci and Han are getting married creates an earthquake effect in the building. Safiye’s nightmares about İnci come true. Haluk tries to free himself from the debt trap he is in by using his marriage trump card against Han.

As he sees the dark sides of İnci Han, he begins to question who the man he loves is.

Neriman and Ege, who started attending the same school, progressed despite all the negative conditions. Although it seems to have accepted Han Uygar and İnci’s work on the same radio, its main purpose is different. Safiye decides to investigate the reality of Han’s marriage to get rid of the wolf that fell into her. Safiye’s plan causes Gülben to have a hard time. A bad surprise awaits her at his home, which she calls my safe space.

With the sixth episode of “The Innocents”, 20 October Tuesday (tomorrow) at 20:00 in TRT 1.