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6 July 2022 22:55


The three new actresses of Son Yaz will change the story a lot!

The participation of new names in the Fox TV series Son Yaz attracted a lot of attention. Filming has begun for the second season. You will also see new names in the shoots to be held in Istanbul and Rize.

The story comes with a time skip of 3 years. After the departure of Funda Eryiğit, who played the character of Canan, the names who participated in the series excited everyone.

Maybe the absence of Canan character negatively affected many people, but the new characters and names are important enough to increase the interest…

As male actors, we see Onur Bay, who left Arka Sokaklar, and Yılmaz Bayraktar, who said goodbye to the Akıncı TV series. Burak and Cihan characters will be on the mafia side of the series.

As female actors, 3 new names immediately draw attention. Birce Akalay will return to the screen after the Babil TV series last year. The actress, who will portray the character of Sare, will stand out as the new female lead.

Another important name is Yaprak Medine, who made a great debut in Ara my manager. The actress, whom we will watch as Cemre, the daughters of the Sancaktar family, is one of the people who will change the story the most in the new season.

What will happen between Yağmur and Cemre has already left everyone wondering. The rapprochement of Akgün and Cemre, brought to life by Alperen Duymaz, will change the balance in the series.

You will watch another famous actress in the series. Zuhal Gencer, who attracted a lot of attention with the character of Sakine in the TV series You were born in is your destiny, will meet with her fans on Fox TV in the new period. Gencer, who will portray the character of Kıymet, will again be a strong female character on the side of the mafia.

Son Yaz series will change a lot, especially the 3 female characters who have just joined the story.

Sare, Cemre and Kıymet will change the direction of the story.

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