Series News The Turkish TV series industry has adopted the aid mobilization for the earthquake zone as a duty!

The Turkish TV series industry has adopted the aid mobilization for the earthquake zone as a duty!


The Turkish TV series industry has received so much support from the public, both at home and abroad, that it is now time to return this support. On Monday, February 6, with two major earthquakes in a row in Kahramanmaraş, nearly 14 million people were damaged.

Along with the loss of life, the injured and the loss of property, the earthquake inflicted a great wound on the people of the region both socially and economically.

The fact that the Turkish TV series industry does its part to heal these wounds has gained meaning when the industry, which has been fed by the people until today, stands by the people in times of need and displays solidarity.

While many TV series producers sent caravans and various materials to the region, the teams of the companies started a mobilization to help earthquake victims by directly participating in these works.

Sharing some details about this state of mobilization in the Turkish TV series industry, TV critic Sina Koloğlu expressed the sensitivity displayed by saying, “The TV series industry is in an earthquake zone.”

According to the information given by Sina Koloğlu, the caravans and generators of Medyapım, MF Production and NTC Medya were sent to Hatay. It was understood that the practitioner producers of the companies went to the region for the organization.

It seems that TIMS&B, one of the important companies of the TV series industry, also offers caravan and technical material support.

Firms also delivered important equipment such as clothing, food, various vehicles and lights needed in the region.

Sina Koloğlu said, “Also, TIMS&B vee employees are in the region with the aid truck. I received the information that the Ay Yapım team is also actively working in the earthquake zone,” he shared.

It is also stated that while the works on the sets of TV series such as Aldatmak (Deception), The Teşkilat (Organization) and Dünyayı Değiştiren Ayten (Ayten Who Changed the World) were stopped, the teams went to the earthquake zone with caravans to support them.

Stating that the Television and Cinema Film Producers Association (TESİYAP) provided financial support from the first day, Sina Koloğlu also explained that attempts were made to meet the needs with various materials.