Series News It will not be easy for the television series to return to the screen after the earthquake!

It will not be easy for the television series to return to the screen after the earthquake!


The burning effect of the earthquake disaster that shook Turkey continues intensely. Although 6 days have passed since the disaster, efforts to save those still under the rubble continue. On Monday, February 6, two major earthquake disasters, 9 hours apart, caused great damage to Kahramanmaraş and its surrounding provinces.

Nearly 14 million citizens living in 10 provinces were affected by this disaster. The number of people who lost their lives is increasing day by day. Intensive efforts are made in hospitals for the injured, and aid teams try to meet their needs by reaching the citizens who have to stay on the streets.

In such an environment, the producers of TV series and movies sent many vehicles and equipment to the region, especially caravans and generators. Although there are allegations that some series were shot on the sets, many production companies have stopped working.

In other words, there will be a great disruption in the activities related to the series, which are seen as the main content of television screens. A difficult process begins now regarding the shootings.

It will take time for the teams and materials sent to the earthquake zone to regroup, and it will not be a short time before the viewers return to normal life.

In such a difficult period, the disruption in the TV series, known as the main content of television, will result in many channels filling their broadcasts with different solutions.

It is no longer possible for many citizens to go back to television and return to life as before the earthquake, and to live a normal day. Even if the dead survive with injuries, it will not be easy to improve the mood of millions of people whose lives have changed, their relatives and the whole country.

It can be expected that the TV series will be interrupted for a long time in this process and it will take a few months for things to recover.