Series News What will lead the Arabs to cancel the Turkish series?

What will lead the Arabs to cancel the Turkish series?


During the past week, the decision to ban the publication of the Turkish series in the Arab countries, which fell into bombs in the domestic serial sector and debated in many circles, was a complete surprise.

This situation will lead to a conclusion of how much was discussed in a series of markets in Turkey. There has been a serious series of exports in recent years. The producers began to make their calculations accordingly. In this case, an important income will come to an end.

Mesut Yar also pointed out that there should not be anxiety in this regard at the corner of Posta:

“No need to panic

As the United Arab Emirates banned the “Turkish series”, the sector was rightly concerned. Although the decision was political, an important market gate was closed for our series …

So what will happen? Our series find different markets in different geographies. Except for things that are so lightning fast.

If we put an array on the edge, we see that the content formats sold by the Turkish producers quickly entered the world channels …

Maybe a lot of people do not know; The format named “Kismetse Olur” has already come out in Greece. Both contenders with shooting brought to Turkey made here …

My first signature is Acun Ilıcalı. Subsequent signings will come from different producers for two occasions. The formats that we do not give a hundred will be our main export agent after a while, see here I write! “