Series News Wounded Love makes a difference to their knees

Wounded Love makes a difference to their knees


Wounded Love, posted on Channel D screens, was not published in the past week.

The series, which is on a critical stage in the story, came to the screen with a new chapter this week.

General Cevdet is argued to make him believe he is not a traitor with a clever plan.

Cevdet was severely interrogated by the Greeks. The viewers thought, ‘There is no more salvation, I can not believe what you said.’

But Cevdet made a brilliant plan. This is, of course, the success of the screenwriters. Mesut Yar in Posta Newspaper wrote Wounded Love:

“In the Wounded Love series,” General Cevdet asked how to save himself from the execution. “The scriptwriters gave the answer in one chapter …

And without leaving any question marks behind. Moreover, by spending one of the main characters like “Hamilton” … Cevdet has a tough way. Every step of the way creates a different excitement in the audience. And intelligence is more realistic than other sequences.

This is why we need to congratulate the screenwriters. Mostly because they did not overwhelm the spectators! ”