Series News Turkish series turned to western countries

Turkish series turned to western countries


The prohibition of Arabic MBC channel Turkish series can open a great opportunity door!

Milliyet Cadde writers Sinan Bicici received a review article about the decision of the Arab MBC channel to ban Turkish serials:

“One of the biggest channels of the Middle East, the MBC has announced its decision not to publish the Turkish series, and the series like ‘Wounded Love’, ‘Inside’, ‘Rental Love’ and ‘Magnificent Century’ will not be released.

The reasons are that the Turkish series is expensive, to open up the domestic series.

But there are comments that the work is influenced by diplomatic problems with the Saudis.

There are also those who think that they are forbidding because we think that our lines harm the Arab social structure.

Because we lost the most powerful market, this sector is sadly welcomed. But I think it can also have positive results. The sector will turn the face into the West.

Instead of acting according to the likes of the Arab audience, Europe will focus on Latin America.

He will also have a chance to enter markets that we have not been able to enter before.

We are the second-biggest selling country in the world, but the share of old series is very much in this. Last time he was not as popular as the old.

Our return to the West will probably increase the quality.

I think in the mid-range we will see the effects of the scenario, the duration and the player choices.

As it is in many subjects, it has already passed and passed the time of turning our face to the West.