The TV series North Star and The Ambassador’s Daughter had the same shock!
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5 October 2022 11:05


The TV series North Star and The Ambassador’s Daughter had the same shock!

The TV audience, who had a hard time finding a program to watch on the screen for 2.5 months due to the coronavirus pandemic, had the idea that they would meet the series with the habit of new episodes with intense interest.

In the quarantine period, viewers complained that television channels broadcast continuously again. Why are there not any new episodes of the series? One of the reasons for this questioning was that the shooting continued in the series Back Streets and Establishment Osman in the pandemic process. These two series won, and the productions that took a break due to the pandemic were shocked. Because it was seen that there was a problem in audience loyalty.

Filming started again in the TV series North Star and The Ambassador’s Daughter, and it was a mistake for the audience to celebrate this situation on social media. It was seen that this big fluctuation in social media did not reflect on television rating. North Star released 2 new episodes in June, but the ratings did not reflect that enthusiasm on social media. The series seriously lost the audience. The fact that it is a summer month has an effect on this, but such a big loss was not expected.

The Ambassador’s Daughter series also experienced the same problem. The team started shooting enthusiastically. It was shaken with this news on social media. However, when the 16th episode of the series came, it was seen that there is a problem in viewer loyalty. The Ambassador’s Daughter series, which was shot in Bodrum, was decided to make the season finale as of the 17th episode.

This shows that, in the pandemic process, the viewers complain about the absence of new episodes, the perception of curiosity and excitement and the expectation of new episodes is not so correct. The same thing happened in the summer, as a drop in the ratings is displayed every year.

The North Star and The Ambassador’s Daughter series also once again experienced that the amazing joy nares created on social media are not reflected in the rating.

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