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12 August 2022 13:39


The wrong choice of the screenwriter is criticized in Sadakatsiz series!

The TV series Sadakatsiz meets the audience on Kanal D on Wednesday evenings. There will be important developments in the 38th new episode of the series. An important detail has emerged about Aras, where Asya began to have love.

Actually, Aras is a married man. Aras’ wife Leyla appears. With the arrival of the character played by Aslı Orcan, things will get messy. While Asya and Volkan were married, Derin intervened and destroyed their home. Derin and Volkan got married later. However, Asya now unknowingly got together with a married man and fell into the situation Derin had fallen into.

Maybe the screenwriters of the series put Asya and Derin in the same position, but the viewers have the idea that the two are different. Fans of the series comment that “Asya unintentionally fell into Derin’s situation, the man turned out to be married”.

In the comments on social media, there are also thoughts that Asya will not continue the relationship after learning this fact.

Derin had chosen this path knowingly and willingly. Asya, on the other hand, was dragged into such a situation without realizing it.

Volkan’s learning that Aras is married gives him a big trump card in regaining Asya. The screenwriters are eagerly awaiting what will be written in the following episodes, but the audience will not accept that Asya’s relationship with Aras will last long after this event.

What Asya will do about Aras in the TV series Sadakatsiz will affect the future of the story.

The audience mostly criticizes the point that the scriptwriter brings to the Asian character.

How can Asya get close to someone who has lost their memory and has an unknown past? Until today, the screenwriters showed Asya as someone who lives in a certain line, stands upright and knows her responsibilities.

What happened between Asya and Aras was against this stance. Fans of the series therefore think that the screenwriter made the wrong choice.

The relationship between Asya and Aras actually caused the character to weaken a lot.

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