The Yalnız Kurt series has undergone a great change with its 15 new actors, it has set a big goal!
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6 December 2022 06:02


The Yalnız Kurt series has undergone a great change with its 15 new actors, it has set a big goal!

You will see a big comeback in the Yalnız Kurt (Lone Wolf) series, which received great attention on ATV last season, but had problems reaching a wider audience due to script problems. Before the second season, both the story and the cast were renewed, and a much more effective production emerged in terms of shooting quality.

You can see with the trailers that the Yalnız Kurt series, which is reported to start its second season on Friday, October 14, in the announcement made on ATV, promises a much more exciting and action-packed season. The Yalnız Kurt series, which aims to reveal the inside of the events in Turkey’s recent history, took on the air of a soldier series in the second season.

15 new names joined the cast of the series. As of October 14, you will be able to see that the series has turned into a completely different production with new names, among which very influential actors are among them.

Along with Jessica May, Mustafa Yalçın Hafızoğlu, Nilay Duru, Altan Gördüm, Hakan Bilgin, Hazım Körmükçü, Gerçek Alnıçık, Gökçe Özyol, Mert Asutay, Enis Yıldız, Recep Çavdar, Ali Buhara Mete, Alper Saylık, Cihan Kurtaran and Güray Görkem, the series is very popular. It has a stronger cast.

Hasan Denizyaran, who attracted attention in the first season but could not stand out enough, will appear in front of the audience with a more dominant, sharper and more determined role in the story of the new season. This will make the series more animated, increase the action and talk more about the male lead actor.

Jessica May, the new female lead of the series, which is expected to show a magnificent performance by a master actor like Cihan Ünal, has returned to the sets after 2 years.

The actress, who was appreciated by her fans with her transfer to Turkish citizenship, seems to impress everyone with her talents and beauty in the Yalnız Kurt project.

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