There are interesting comments for the Forbidden Fruit series
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27 November 2022 15:56


There are interesting comments for the Forbidden Fruit series

Forbidden Fruit caught a big start last season. The reason for this was to give a new direction to the drama project, by adding comedy features and increasing the extravagant scenes. In addition to the improvised scenes of Eda Ece, who played the Yıldız character, Şevval Sam’s cartooning Ender well was one of the reasons for success.

Season 4 shootings of Forbidden Fruit series started. The team works at an intense pace. Trailers released from the new season continue to enchant viewers. So far, two trailers have been published and the comments received are also very fun…

These comments, which the fans of the series also made forecasts about the new season, are so interesting that they are at least as interesting as the trailers.

Here are some of the comments that Forbidden Fruit series fans made after the 75th episode 2 trailer was released.

– On the end, Yıldız, I sit and love it.
– What this crew does and finds each other.
– Ender in prison, the woman speaks from the top 1-0 ahead in any case.
-They wear makeup even in jail.
-The guards will die with poison, not with their pity.
– If everyone is in prison, who’s left?
-Not the last one, but the Yıldız.
-I think these are a dream. Ender does nothing to go to jail, and even if Yıldız is the mysterious person, she is also not guilty.
-Did they take their prison combinations with them as if they were in Paris during the fashion week?
-Let Zerrin and Leyla come to the prison, eat one another. Come on.

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