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6 July 2022 23:24


There is a final concern for a series on the ATV screen!

Even the possibility of the finale on Baş Belası is making the audience very uncomfortable! The series, in which İrem Helvacıoğlu and Seçkin Özdemir took the leading roles, received great acclaim. It is considered a very successful production by the audience.

Baş Belası series became one of the most different projects of the summer screen. The fans of the series, which has also been organized on social media in a short time, have been in promotional activities for a long time. But Baş Belası’s ratings aren’t good at all.

The 11th episode of the series aired on Friday. However, the result still did not change. There is no problem with the story, course or acting performances of the series.

However, when many viewers do not prefer to watch the series on the summer screen, the ratings are also very low. Fans of the series find it very difficult to stay on the screen after September with these low ratings.

This is reflected in the comments of the viewers, who are worried about the possibility of the final on social media. Many TV series fans are sending a message to ATV saying “Baş Belası please don’t be the finale”.

In fact, there is no final subject for the series yet. However, viewers try to draw attention by sending a message to ATV by considering such a possibility after low ratings.

Baş Belası has been one of the best works of this season. However, it is a fact that the series is not at the point it deserves in terms of ratings. Let’s see what kind of decision ATV will take. We will report the progress!

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