There is a legendary series that Cansel Elçin can't get out of his mind!
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28 January 2023 09:22


There is a legendary series that Cansel Elçin can’t get out of his mind!

There is a legendary series that Cansel Elçin can’t get out of his mind!
The successful actress Cansel Elçin, who is remembered with his charismatic stance and the characters he acted in the most popular TV series of the period such as Hatırla Sevgili, Gönülçelen and Sol Yanım, was the guest of the MAG August issue.

Cansel Elçin made statements on different subjects. The actor said, “My state of love is quite normal. Maybe even more comfortable. It is a wonderful feeling to love and be loved. “I go with my emotions. Everything I did in the past, I did with my feelings.”

Successful actress Cansel Elçin, who shared his short film Down from the Clouds and his future goals with MAG Readers, said: “I play an irresponsible father in the film, but he is not actually a bad person. He is just a man who has problems showing and conveying his love… Someone who has made wrong choices in the past and is not satisfied with his life.”

The actor, who also made statements about the legendary series called Remember Dear, which marked a period, explained how important a job they did:

“I think watching our recent history on television has affected people a lot. While watching a dramatic Romeo-Juliet story in the foreground, we were able to convey the traumas of our history in an objective language to those who lived in that period. We were able to achieve this with a very good screenwriter (Nilgün Öneş) and a very good producer (Tomris Giritlioğlu). Memorabilia Dear, it was a very high quality and permanent job.”

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