Series News There is a Nehir Erdoğan who follows in the footsteps of Müge Anlı!

There is a Nehir Erdoğan who follows in the footsteps of Müge Anlı!

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Sana Söz series, which started on Star TV screens last week, had a low viewing rate. This means that the production did not receive the value it deserved. There is an important detail in the story of the series, in which Nehir Erdoğan and Erkan Petekkaya take the leading roles.

Müge Anlı, one of the important names of Turkish television broadcasting… The famous presenter, who has contributed to the resolution of many events with her program on the television screen for many years, has also managed to enter the series scenarios.

Although it does not take place under the name of Müge Anlı or through her program, a program in a similar format takes place in the story in the series Sana Söz. Nehir Erdoğan, who plays the character of Elif Karaca, in a sense plays the television programmer in the TV series version of Müge Anlı.

If we say that Müge Anlı has brought many abduction cases to the screen, attracted the attention of the audience with her human stories, found missing persons, and contributed to the enlightenment of the murders, we would understand how much her part was in society.

Here, we see Nehir Erdoğan in the TV series Sana Söz at the point of portraying a similar character. The character of Elif Karaca is actually similar to Müge Anlı… Through this character, she becomes involved in a murder case through television programs.

In a scenario reminiscent of Müge Anlı’s programs, Sana Söz series examines an example of such real-life stories on a scenario basis.

We can say that Nehir Erdoğan successfully portrayed the character of Elif Karaca with her performance.