Series News There is an important reason why Alp Navruz chose the TV series Senden Önce!

There is an important reason why Alp Navruz chose the TV series Senden Önce!


The shooting of the TV series Senden Önce (Before You), which will be released soon and produced by D Media, has started in Şile.

The first trailer of the series, in which Alp Navruz, Sinem Ünsal and Nilperi Şahinkaya will give life to completely different characters, increased the curiosity about the story with its mysterious scenes.

Alp Navruz fans are eagerly waiting for the new project. Alp Navruz, who has gained a good experience with effective roles so far, will try to convey very different emotions to the audience with the character named Hakan.

Pointing out that the character of Hakan is very different from the characters he has played so far, Alp Navruz went into the details of the story and shared the following information:

“Hakan is one of the very rich families interested in the construction industry in Turkey. When we look at it, he is a strong person, but actually he is a character hungry for love. He was raised with motherly love and family love. That’s why he is a person who longs to start a family. But as we saw in the trailer, the situation is actually a little different… When you look at it, it seems like you are stuck between two women, but; In fact, there are bombs very deep in the story. A strange bomb explodes in every episode. Let’s say that Hakan is actually someone we can like more in this story.”

Speaking about the reason for taking part in the TV series project Senden Önce, the actor stated that his choice of different characters was related to career management.

Alp Navruz said, “I have played a wide variety of characters before. For career management reasons, I take care to choose different characters. Hakan’s character is also very different and I really liked him. Apart from that, the more I read and listened to the story, the more excited I became. “These were already enough for me to accept it,” he said.