There was a change of lead in Kanal 7's series Yemin!
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1 February 2023 12:35


There was a change of lead in Kanal 7’s series Yemin!

The Yemin series, which met with the audience for 3 seasons on Channel 7 screens, experienced great difficulties after Özge Yağız’s departure. The duo of Gökberk Demirci and Özge Yağız put forward a successful performance for two seasons.

The duo, who became close on the set and had great love, is making marriage plans. The Yemin series, on the other hand, had to proceed on a different route after their love affair. Özge Yağız left the production at the end of the second season. Gökberk Demirci became a partner with a new lead actor in the third season.

The third season of the series Yemin, in which Cansu Tuman participated with the character of Feride, first started as a daily series broadcast on weekdays. However, with the ratings low, it fell to the position of a series that aired only on weekends.

An agreement was made with Gökberk Demirci for the fourth season of the TV series Yemin. After the departure of Cansu Tuman, a new female lead was found for the new season.

You will watch Setenay Süer as the leading actress in the fourth season of the TV series Yemin (The Promise). The character of Gülperi will join the story and what will happen between her and Emir will be the gripping subject of the series.

The new episodes of the series, which started shooting, are expected to meet the audience in September. It is not yet clear whether the Yemin series will be broadcast again on weekends or if there is another plan. Büşra Oğur, who took part in the Çilek Kokusu and then the Kırlangıç Fırtınası series, will also take her place in the main cast of the Yemin series in the new season.

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