This is how the excitement is increased before the Ambassador's Daughter and the Forbidden Fruit!
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26 November 2022 19:21


This is how the excitement is increased before the Ambassador’s Daughter and the Forbidden Fruit!

On Monday evenings, there is a big rating race for 4 series. The competition between the TV series Awakening Great Seljuk, Forbidden Fruit, The Pit and The Ambassador’s Daughter is very tough. Note that all 4 TV series have a bone audience and none of them lose in this race.

Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, the Gediz Işıklı series of The Ambassador’s Daughter, published a photo from the set of the series shot in Bodrum. The actor, who increased the excitement before the new episode of the series, wrote “There is little left”. The fact that the character of Gediz is officially spent by the screenwriters in Star TV’s ambitious series is one of the most talked about series topics on social media. Uraz Kaygılaroğlu also plays his role so successfully that his fans share thousands of messages about him on social media in every episode.

Season 4 continues in the Forbidden Apple series. Nesrin Cavadzade also shared a post to increase the excitement before the series. Just like Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, the actress invited fans to the new episode of the series and wrote a message saying, “Ultra contains intrigue.

Nesrin Cavadzade in the Forbidden Fruit is the queen of intrigues with her character Şahika… The famous actress makes scenes that fill her eyes with her successful performance. Here is a pose from the scene where Şahika is again after an intrigue …

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