Series News This is your test, Ilgaz! One step away from disappointment in the Yargı series!

This is your test, Ilgaz! One step away from disappointment in the Yargı series!


The 54th new episode of the TV series, Yargı (Judgment), which met with the audience on Kanal D on Sunday evenings, pleased the fans very much on the evening of February 26. The allegations that the new episode of the series will not be this week brought a lot of criticism. However, with the trailer released by Kanal D, this problem was solved and it was announced that the new episode would be published.

It seems that the decisions of the character Ilgaz, who experienced a similar situation to Ceylin in the last period of the series, will shake everyone deeply. This time, the character of Ilgaz will give a big test in the series of Yargı, whose excitement never diminishes with the screenwriter Sema Ergenekon revealing great surprises in each new episode.

Ilgaz, who tried every way to find his sister Defne, but could not reach the desired result, will be faced with the decision to leave the criminal and save his own sister.

As Ceylin said, “What do you think? Is it still your honor or the truth, the question is. If necessary, you will release a criminal for your brother. This is your test.”

These words describe how exciting the 54th episode of the series will be. Wondering if he will compromise his principles to save his sister Defne, Ilgaz will also make the audience question their belief in the story.

Some series fans say, “I hope Ilgaz finds Defne and brings justice. Otherwise, they will not allow a Public Prosecutor to make a mistake. It will be a big disappointment for me.”

Here, the 54th new episode of the Judgment series seems to affect the audience deeply with such a tough test.

It is possible to understand how successful Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz duo are in their roles and how immersed they are in their characters, even by looking at the 54th episode trailer below. The success of the Yargı series is hidden in this detail.