Series News Tip on the grand finale of Sadakatsiz; Volkan will not be a part of both women!

Tip on the grand finale of Sadakatsiz; Volkan will not be a part of both women!


Kanal D’s last two episodes are left for the finale of Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful), which has been watched with interest for two seasons. Adapted from the BBC format Doctor Foster, Sadakatsiz will conclude with its 60th episode.

The finale of the series, which was broadcast not only in Turkey but also in many countries and achieved very successful results, is eagerly awaited by its loyal audience.

Looking at the trailers of the last two episodes of the series, which impresses with the successful performances of Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen, it seems that the finals will be marked by the trio of Asya, Volkan and Derin.

TV critic Sina Koloğlu gave the audience a tip about the very curious finale. Koloğlu said for Sadakatsiz, “It will be one of the rare series that will give the final term with the right” and continued his words as follows;

“I think the last episode might break the viewership record. So how will it end? Asya and Volkan will not be able to come together. There is a journey to Asia. It may not be Tekirdag, it may be Istanbul, it may even be another country.

It is in question that both women are moving away from Volkan. There is a new love for Derin. The signal was given by the young lawyer. He didn’t say that word to Asya for nothing. “So how do you know?” you will ask. A little guessing, a little bit of bird news!”

If what Koloğlu said turns out to be true, the Sadakatsiz audience will be waiting for an unexpected ending. However, as Sina Koloğlu underlines, the final episode of the series, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, May 25, may break the viewership record.