Tolga Sarıtaş excitement before the series of Fault!
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30 September 2022 09:05


Tolga Sarıtaş excitement before the series of Fault!

Tolga Sarıtaş, who gained great popularity with the 3-season The Oath series, had the unfortunate that Ferhat and Şirin was short-lived last season. The actor is coming to the 2020-2021 season with a new series. He who shared the lead role with Ayça Ayşin Turan in the TV series Fault on Show TV screens shared his feelings.

Speaking to the cameras, Tolga Sarıtaş said that he was excited and counting the days. “We will start the set this Friday, final preparations are ok,” said the actor. Returning to Istanbul after having a holiday in Çeşme with her lover Zeynep Mayruk, the actor said that he was resting and the working period had started.

Stating that he could not return to his old life after quarantine, Tolga Sarıtaş said: “Hand washing will be in our lives, disinfectant. Until this is resolved, at least it was good to rest and move away from Istanbul before starting work. ”

Speaking about the character Ali Rıza, who will play in the series of faults, the actor shared the following details: “With an incident happening, a really humble taxi driver who lives his own life, we will watch him go into a huge war against huge forces.”

Stating that the energy of the series team is high, Tolga Sarıtaş stated that it would be a nice project. Explaining that everyone had a coronavirus test before going on the set, the actor emphasized that no disease is detected in any person at the moment.

Underlining that the tests will be carried out intermittently, disinfectant, masks and rules are valid in the sets, Tolga Sarıtaş explained that he will work in a sterile environment.

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