Series News Tozluyaka is unstoppable! It was the most watched TV series of last week!

Tozluyaka is unstoppable! It was the most watched TV series of last week!


Tozluyaka, brought to the screen as a summer series by Fox TV, has been at the top of the ratings since its first episode. Tozluyaka, which was criticized as a cliché at first, but surpassing all its competitors with its story and acting, adds a new one to its successes every week.

Tozluyaka has left its mark on this summer both in the ratings and on social media. Coming to the screen with its sixth episode last night, Tozluyaka continues to increase its ratings every week. While most of the summer serials fail in the ratings, Tozluyaka is above the average.

Tozluyaka, which tells about the conflicts between students in a college, was the most watched TV series of the last week. The Tozluyaka series is also getting remarkable viewing rates on YouTube. Especially with its last published episode, it achieved a great success.

The first episode of the series, which was shared a month ago, has been watched by 10 million people to date. The second trailer of the sixth episode, released last night, was watched by more than 2 million viewers in just two days. This success in both ratings and social media revealed the possibility of Tozluyaka’s continuation in the winter season.

If Tozluyaka continues in the ratings like this, Fox TV will want to continue the series in the winter season. However, this decision has some consequences. Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple), one of the most successful series of Fox TV’s winter season, is also broadcast on Monday evenings.

If Tozluyaka continues in the winter season, the day of one of the two series will change. This will put Fox TV in a difficult decision-making process. Changing the day of Yasak Elma, Fox TV’s most successful series for years, would be risky for the channel.