All Series Turkish TV Series – Humanity Crime

Turkish TV Series – Humanity Crime


What if a poor and angry young man in Adana suddenly becomes a part of a magnificent life in Istanbul? There are Kaan Yıldırım, Gizem Karaca and Melike İpek Yalova in the lineup of the young people who will live in the drama. Deniz Uğur, Lacin Ceylan and Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan will talk about their mastery. (Channel D)

Can Sinan’s screenplay, starring Kaan Yıldırım, Gizem Karaca, Melike İpek Yalova, Deniz Uğur, Serkay Tütüncü, Laçin Ceylan and Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan, is produced by Pastel Film and is directed by Barış Yöş.

Here is the general story and vision of the series “Human Crime”, which tells the story of what a poor and ambitious young man living in Adana, Cemal, could pay for money and power;

Living in one of the poor neighborhoods of Adana, Cemal is trying to look after his entire family by being a waitress. Cemal’s desperation, always looking for a way out, has grown even more with the death of his seriously ill father. It is not yet clear that this painful event will change his life from the root.

Before giving his last breath, his father told Cemal that he was a rich uncle in Istanbul. To learn that it is a wealthy relative is deeply shaken by Jamal, who has grown up in misery. His uncle Sami Gökdemir, who is one of the few businessmen in the country, emerges and confuses Jamal with his promise of sharing the richness of the nephew. Mother Hülya wants to keep her son away from Sami and its surroundings because of the hostility and years of unharmed wounds.

However, Jemal’s life has already entered an irreversible path. Jamal, who can not escape his fate despite all his efforts to prevent his mother, will be forced to accept his uncle’s offer. Taking a step into a new world in Istanbul, Cemal will not be able to deter himself from being in love with Suna, who is engaged to his cousin while trying to admit himself to the Gökdemir family, and he will fill himself with different dreams. However, his sins that do not leave behind will soon shatter his hopes. In front of Jemal, the end is now a vague, tough journey.