Artists News TV series unfortunate Sevda Erginci is preparing herself for a new experience!

TV series unfortunate Sevda Erginci is preparing herself for a new experience!


Sevda Erginci is among the actors who have been on the screen for many years and have a large fan base with her successful performances. Erginci’s recent series misfortune is something that has happened to many people in the industry.

After the TV series “Elkızı” stayed on the screen for a short time due to the ratings, the actress, who broke new ground in her 10-year career, appeared in front of the audience with a romantic comedy story in the summer.

Sevda Erginci was very happy to take part in the TV series Seni Kalbime Sakladım (I Saved You To My Heart). Expressing in her interviews that she was happy to be in the series both as a team and as a story, the actress had another big misfortune with the early finale in the 7th episode.

This situation is considered as a great misfortune for the actress, whose second series was canceled due to the ratings within a year after her TV series Elkızı. The happy days of the actress, who found herself in a more comfortable and entertaining story different from drama for the first time, were unfortunately short-lived.

Expressing that she could not understand what happened after the finale of the series, the actress on my site also accepts that the series that ended due to the ratings are a fact of the industry.

TV series unfortunate Sevda Erginci is preparing herself for a new experience! 7

Sevda Erginci never lost her energy and determination. The 10-year process has provided the actress with great experiences and she is now aware of the steps she has taken in her profession. The actress, who has entered the evaluation process with new offers coming to her in the new season, is expected to come up with a new project soon.

According to the news reflected in the press, there is a new television series called Koridor among the offers made with her game. Sevda Erginci’s name is also described as the female lead for the new TV series project, in which the names of Mert Turak, Edip Tepeli and Uğur Güneş are also mentioned.

It is not known whether the famous actress will accept this project, but we can say that she appears again in drama roles. Despite her desire to take part in romantic comedies and entertaining productions, Sevda Erginci has always been remembered with her drama projects.

It will be considered normal for the actress to be on the screen with a drama series in the new season as well. On the other hand, it seems that the TV series Seni Kalbime Sakladım will remain as a short different experience opportunity for the young actress in this difficult journey.