Series News Confused for Bensu Soral, Akın Akınözü’s partner in the Tuzak TV series!

Confused for Bensu Soral, Akın Akınözü’s partner in the Tuzak TV series!

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It turned out that the claim that Akın Akınözü and Bensu Soral will play the leading roles in the TV series Tuzak (Trap), which will be broadcast on tv8 screens, is about to come true. The fact that two young actors will be partners on tv8 made some viewers happy, while others disturbed them.

After the successful partnerships with Ebru Şahin in Akın Akınözü’s Hercai series, and then with Öykü Karayel in the TV series “Kaderimin Oyunu”, audience wondered how they would fit in with Bensu Soral. Bensu Soral, who attracted attention with her TV series İçerde (Inside), returned to the screen with the summer series Camdaki Kız (Glass Ceilings) last season, after a long break.

Bensu Soral, who did not accept many roles during the long waiting period, received many criticisms from the audience with her performance in the TV series Camdaki Kız There were many posts on social media that the actress could not portray the character well enough and her performance was troubled. In fact, one of the reasons why the series made an early finale was that Bensu Soral was not good enough.

A year has passed and Bensu Soral will return to the television screen. This time, it was a matter of curiosity how the young actress, whom we will watch in a moving, action-packed story like the TV series İçerde, will harmonize with Akın Akınözü.

It should be said that Akın Akınözü and Bensu Soral are closed boxes, and they can make a surprise in the Tuzak (Trap) series. In addition, this series seems to be a good opportunity for Bensu Soral to prove herself. After the criticisms in the Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceilings) series, the young actress will have the opportunity to get into the limelight again with the Tuzak series.

The Tuzak series, which includes names such as Talat Bulut, İlayda Çevik, Rıza Kocaoğlu, Yağız Can Konyalı and Onur Durmaz, is a production based on a revenge story.

Eylem Canpolat left the Aziz series and will reveal her script power by writing the Tuzak series in the new season. The series is expected to be one of the effective projects of the new season.

While the first poster of the Tuzak series was published, Bensu Soral also confirmed that she accepted the role. The actress also made her first statement by stating that the Tuzak series would be a very good job. Now eyes are turned to the start of the shooting of the series.