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2 July 2022 13:35


Two masters participated in the TV series “Ru”, in which Meryem Uzerli will play the leading role!

One of the new projects that Medyapım continues to prepare for Disney Plus includes the TV series “Ru” and the other “Numen”. It was previously announced that Meryem Uzerli would play for the TV series “Ru” to be shot in Urla.

Meryem Uzerli will play the leading role in the TV series “Ru”. It was spoken in the backstage that Mert Yazıcıoğlu would accompany the beautiful actress, who will give life to the role of Reyan, who followed her dreams and settled in Urla and struggled for life with the restaurant she opened, in the series. But when the shootings were delayed, Mert Yazıcıoğlu had to leave the project because it conflicted with the timing of his other works.

Now, new actor interviews are being made for the male character who will be the lead character. The series also has two flash surprise names. The first of them is Zafer Algöz, the master actor who appeared on the screen with the latest Üç Kuruş series. The successful actor is expected to direct an influential character with the role of Tümsek in the series.

Şevval Sam is the other surprise participant in the series. The successful name, who played the leading role in the rating record holder Yasak Elma (Forbidden Aplle) series, will appear before the audience with a digital project this time. Şevval Sam is planned to play Uzer’s mother in the series.

According to the news, Şevval Sam liked the project very much. However, since there is a busy concert schedule, if a good timing can be made between the shootings and the concert program, she will be able to take a role in the series.

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