Uğur Aslan, the Eren of the TV series Yargı, thinks they have achieved a first in Turkey
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1 April 2023 08:18


Uğur Aslan, the Eren of the TV series Yargı, thinks they have achieved a first in Turkey

Uğur Aslan, who gave life to the character of Eren commissioner in the series Yargı, is one of the most talked about names of recent days, both with his acting and his musician identity on the stage. Uğur Aslan, who is also the husband of Sema Ergenekon, the screenwriter of the TV series, gives life to one of the most critical characters of the script written by his wife.

Like the performance of impressive leading actors such as Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz in the TV series, Yargı, which aired on Sunday evenings, the names in the supporting roles do their job very well. Uğur Aslan is one of these names and he said that everything was fine on the set.

Due to the coronovirus cases, the shooting of the Yargı series was also delayed. Uğur Aslan explained that everyone returned to the set and continued to work as two teams.

Uğur Aslan said, “We had such a problem. It was a very aggressive epidemic, not specific to the set. Everyone I asked said he was having a mild illness,” he said. Wishing everyone to get through this process without any problems, the actor also gave the good news that the works on the set of the Yargı TV series have started again.

Stating that they are shooting new episodes, Uğur Aslan said that they were also very positively affected by the comments from the fans. Stating that the editing of the series is a first for Turkey, Uğur Aslan used the following expressions:

“It is very pleasant that something tried for the first time in terms of editing is responding so well. The audience is also very happy with the result. It gives us pleasure that they reflect on us with a smile on the street. We are very happy.”

Underlining that there is a great effort in the series of Yargı, the actor said that it is not surprising that they got good results.

Uğur Aslan said, “We will be happy if the audience crowns us with an award.”

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