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5 July 2022 19:53


Unknown details of Sevval Sam – Eda Ece friendship

Eda Ece and Sevval Sam, who played in the popular TV series Forbidden Apple, met with their fans via Instagram. Two famous names who spent the quarantine in their homes made their fans happy with their sincere conversations. The two also answered questions from the audience. One question was whether their friendship started with a series.

Sevval Sam said that she learned that Eda Ece would play the Yıldız character while the Forbidden Apple was created, and that she did not know Eda Ece when her picture was shown to her. Stating that she did not follow too many magazines, Sevval Sam said that she could not keep the names in her memory, so she did not know Eda Ece until she played together.

Sevval Sam said, “This friendship developed with the Forbidden Apple. I am really very happy. Despite the age difference between us, Eda is very aware, very sensitive, very intelligent, very funny, very hurled… ”

Eda Ece, one of the duo who went to travel abroad and continue their friendship in their private lives, said that Sevval Sam had a very important place in her life and saw her as her older sister.

Eda Ece said, “Apart from the set, you are one of 10 people in this life. A list of my mother’s sister. One of the biggest human contributions of the Forbidden Apple is that I knew a woman like you. ”

Following the praiseworthy words of Eda Ece herself, Sevval Sam reminded us of the interesting situation with their inclusion in a digital category award category together.

Sevval Sam reminding them to be included in the category of YEAR OF THE YEAR PAIR, consisting of a woman and a man in different series, said:

“The couple of the year is chosen and as two women, I was very laughed with the couple of the year. Isn’t that a funny thing? ” she laughed loudly at the situation.

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