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7 July 2022 07:01


Özge Özberk is looking for a sponsor for her great story

Actress Özge Özberk was the guest of Bora Talat Oyacı’s chat program broadcasted on Türsak’s Youtube channel and shared the details of an interesting project for the first time. She explained that she wanted to make a story about her family’s new history, and that she was looking for a sponsor for this project.

The famous actress had written children’s books before. While explaining that she wrote a new children’s book and will be published in the days of Pandemic, she also conveyed an interesting project. Özge Özberk said that writing a script is not an easy task, but a story that she drafts.

The actress noted that she also had memories of Atatürk in her story, which she later heard from her cousin and told about her grandmother’s head. If she found a sponsor for her project, she added that she wanted to revive her grandmother in this period’s work.

Özge Özberk explained the details of this project that made her very excited as follows:

“My grandmother’s own story. If my plans go well, I research, because the multi-branched knot coincides with the period of exchange. There is some period work, there is Atatürk, there is Tarkan … Such a big scale. I may need a very good sponsor to make it come true but I want to play my grandmother’s youth. I attempted to write for this, but it is necessary to research very well, a very good fiction. There is a very important love story in it. There is a very beautiful love story. Unfortunately, I did not ask this when my grandmother lived. It was a story I learned from my cousin later. At the bottom of my nose. With what pain, what kind of love she grew up. ”

Özge Özberk stated that her grandmother is also known as the “healer” that she is very good with plants and that these parts will be included in her story.

“While she was downloading hatim, on the one hand, she was a Kemalist woman, on the other hand, she was a Herbalist. She would heal with herbs. ”

The actor continued his words as follows:

“I would come home, a cauldron is boiling in the middle of the hall. Cabbage sticks are stuffing in stinging nettle. People are good at rheumatism, and even now boiled cabbage is known to be edematous. Even this is an entertaining episode in my life, my grandmother and her plants. That’s why I want so much to write that love, those periods. I have a very interesting story, I am married at a young age, and I want to bring it to life. ”

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