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7 July 2022 02:32


Utku Ateş, who left the possibility of new love in Gönül Dağı series, brought to mind!

In the first season of the Gönül Dağı series broadcast on the TRT1 screen, the harmony between Zümre Meğreli and Utku Ateş was very pleasing to the fans of the series. However, after the first season, Utku Ateş said goodbye to the story. After the young actor who left the series voluntarily, the audience experienced great sadness due to the interruption of a love affair.

Now a new love has begun to emerge in the TV series Gönül Dağı, in which Zümre Meğreli came to the fore with Elif, who had a very influential drama role in the first series.

Fans of the Gönül Dağı series already understood from Kenan’s view of Elif in the last episode that the scriptwriters would highlight such a love. In the 49th episode of the series, it was understood that a love started to emerge with the scene of Elif and Kenan.

Let’s see how Kenan will take place in his story, which has turned into a drama after Elif’s blows from both her beloved Serdar and Arif, who appeared as her father.

Some series fans, who stated that they did not find the duo of Serkan Kuru and Zümre Meğreli very compatible, made comments stating that Utku Ateş and Zümre Meğreli suit each other more.

While the first signs are given towards the love of Elif and Kenan, it is understood from the comments of the viewers that this love message was received through the ElKen tag on social media.

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