Series News Very romantic scenes await the audience in Erkek Severse with Alperen Duymaz!

Very romantic scenes await the audience in Erkek Severse with Alperen Duymaz!

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Alperen Duymaz, who made a big breakthrough in his career with the character of Akgün, played in the TV series Son Yaz, is currently shooting for the new series Male Severe. The series, which is expected with great excitement, will meet the audience with very romantic scenes.

Alperen Duymaz, Büşra Develi and Yasemin Allen, as well as Tolga Güleç, Görkem Sevindik, Yağız Can Konyalı and Aslı Sümen acted in the series, whose story was written by Aslı Zengin, who previously signed the scenario of No: 309 and Erkenci Kuş, and which bears the signature of Gold Film.

Erkek Severse started filming about two weeks ago. The shooting of the series, which is prepared to be screened on BeinConnect in the first months of 2022, continues at full speed. Shooting that started in Istanbul continues in the Abant district of Bolu. Shooting in the snow-covered forests of Abant has doubled the curiosity of the audience.

The director of the series, which will be broadcast on BeinConnect and will consist of 13 episodes, is Ömür Atay. Alperen Duymaz will portray a character who owns an online shopping site in the series. The actor will take part in the story as Kenan and will also have a love affair with Yelda, played by Yasemin Allen. Büşra Develi will take her place in the story as Zeynep, the mother of two children.

The character to be portrayed by Alperen Duymaz, who has been successful in every project to date and progresses step by step in his career, is also a matter of great curiosity. In a sense, Erkek Severse will be Alperen Duymaz’s maturity series.

The talented actor, who has played the roles of a young man and mafia in the TV series he has played so far, will appear as a mature businessman this time. It is stated that the shooting of the first episode of the series has also been completed.