Series News Viewers are showing their support for Cansu Dere in the new season, now for Hatice Şendil!

Viewers are showing their support for Cansu Dere in the new season, now for Hatice Şendil!


The TV series Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful), which lasted for two seasons and was adapted from the British TV series Doctor Foster, was completed by making its finale on the Kanal D screen. Cansu Dere, whom we watched in the Asya character, was seen as a victim by the audience and was constantly supported because she was a cheated woman in the story of the series.

Fans of the series, who liked the determined stance of the Asya character in the face of the victimization, were happy to see her on the screen as a strong woman.

However, the Sadakatsiz series is over and the audience this time put Hatice Şendil in the same spot where Cansu Dere was. Because Hatice Şendil is also on the screen with the character of Neslihan, which she plays in the series İyilik (Goodness), as a woman who is deceived and victimized.

The first eight episodes aired and completed the season in June, the series “İyilik” had the opportunity to continue when it achieved good ratings.

The second season of the series will start on Friday, September 9 and the new season will be very active. Especially if you look at the images in the trailer, it is understood that the character of Neslihan will receive great support from the audience as a result of the situation she has fallen into.

In the series in which Sera Kutlubey plays the character of Damla, İsmail Demirci appears before the audience as Murat. The fact that Neslihan, who thinks she is in a happy marriage, is actually Murat’s cheating on her with Damla, reminds many viewers of the Asya character in the Sadakatsiz series.

Fans of the series, who feel close to Neslihan like the Asya character, draw attention to the story similarity between the two productions, and show a reflex to stand by the victim woman.

The comments made on the second season promotional trailer of the İyilik series also prove this situation. One of the fans of the series shared the following, which translated the feelings of many people:

“I hope Neslihan sets an example for what Asya has done… When Asya learned that her husband had been unfaithful to another woman, she became stronger for herself and her son. I hope Neslihan will do the same for Asya. I want Neslihan to come out of the wall of pain and tears and become stronger and unstoppable.”

Many series fans also see a parallel between the Sadakatsiz and İyilik in terms of story. For this reason, Hatice Şendil, like Cansu Dere, which was talked about a lot on social media last year, has already been brought to the agenda by the fans of the series.

In the social media environment, many TV series fans cite Cansu Dere’s situation and the strong stance of the Asya character in the story, and they want the screenwriters to show Neslihan in the İyilik series as a strong woman in a similar way.