Series News What are the series that will be on the set in May?

What are the series that will be on the set in May?


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, new episodes of the series cannot be shot. The dimensions of the epidemic are increasing day by day both in our country and in the world. On-screen viewers want their TV shows back. A complete vicious circle…

The television industry lost about 1.5 times, and its economic implications are growing. It is also a fact that televisions are dimmed without TV series. The critics that have been criticized so far have a very important function in spending at least 2 hours on the screen. With the coronavirus epidemic, this made itself felt even more.

So, will the series start again in the series? Nobody in the industry knows this. Even predictions cannot be made. However, there are some examples that encouraged many productions. For example, the Bandits series appeared on the set and 3 episodes were prepared. 2 episodes have been published and the 5th season finale will be held on Tuesday, April 28 with the 165th episode.

Many producers in the industry are planning to re-set for May. The actors have been in drowsiness for a while, but we also see that they are meticulous in keeping their form and image. Except for some actors, image replacement was minimal. Under this lies the start of the series at any time.

It is known that the plans of Sefirin Kızı, Zümrüdüanka and North Star are prepared in a clear way in the plans for May. In addition, there are chances that the series planned for the summer will go on a set as of the end of May.

It was also revealed that the series Black Streets appeared on the set last week and the episodes continued to shoot.

In addition, Establishment Osman started to shoot new episodes on the set last week.

In addition to these series, TRT1 shows the determination to continue on the way with the shots taken from the houses of the TRT1 players with their own means, with the series Tutunamayanlar, Ev Hali, Kalk Gidelim…