What did Bestemsu Özdemir answer to the love rumors in the tabloid press?
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4 February 2023 10:06


What did Bestemsu Özdemir answer to the love rumors in the tabloid press?

Your young actress, Bestemsu Özdemir, played in the TV series “İkimizin Sırrı”, signed by ÜS Production, which was broadcast on ATV last season. The series, directed by Cem Akyoldaş and written by Özen Yula, ended with a final after 10 episodes.

Young actress Bestemsu Özdemir, who continues her negotiations for new project works, has been known for a while with rumors of love. Bestemsu Özdemir, who was caught by reporters while entering a place with Yağız İzgül, made a statement about the incident and stated that the image was misunderstood;

“There is someone, I have been together for 3 months. Everything on its way. But this is not Yağız İzgül. Our holding hands was also not something to be misunderstood. As we walked towards our entrance, she took my hand and led me inside. We did not travel hand in hand, so I feel very comfortable. If we were walking hand in hand, I would be over my head, but it’s a shame for the man, she is always mentioned with me. It’s a shame on me too, because I’m in a relationship with someone else and it’s been 3 months.”

Bestemsu Özdemir shared her photos of her while walking in the snow hand in hand with her beloved Türker Dağdelen on her social media account last week, and received messages of good wishes from her fans.

Bestemsu Özdemir had her first acting experience in 2012 with the TV series Araf Zamanı and Sakarya Fırat. Later, in TV series such as Kara Para Aşk, Analar ve Anneler, Meryem ve Ege’nin Hamsisi, Tabula Rosa, Biz Size Döneriz, Güvercin ve Akrep, and Tabula Rosa, Biz Size Döneriz, Dünyanın En Güzel Kokusu 2, Baba Nerdesin Kayboldum ve Milyonda Bir acted in movies.

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