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6 July 2022 06:46


What did Yüsra Geyik find after 18 years of hope?

Yüsra Geyik is one of the names who played a role in the series of Back Streets, which has been ongoing for 14 seasons. In front of the screen, viewers have seen Yüsra Geyik’s all ages for 14 years.

Yüsra Geyik draws attention from her fans with her beauty as well as her successful performance. The actress also draws attention with her sincere posts from time to time.

She, who shared her 18-year-old photos from her Instagram account, went on a journey of self-discovery.

Yüsra Geyik wrote: “At the time (18) I believed that I would have discovered myself by this time. But I discovered that the longest path was man herself, and the hardest and most dead-end ”

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