All Series What is Yazgı like in a series, what is its story and who is taking part in it?

What is Yazgı like in a series, what is its story and who is taking part in it?


A new daily series Yazgı (Fate) will be starting soon on the tv8 screen. You will watch an effective love story, especially in the series that Erkan Meriç fans are eagerly waiting for.

Erkan Meriç, who shines with the daily series Adını Sen Koy, is getting ready to meet his fans again with this kind of production after a long time. You will see Yağmur Öztürk on the screen as the female lead in the series Yazgı. So what kind of series is Yargı, who else is in the cast?

The human stories will surprise you in the series Yazgı, which shows that it has an effective story with its trailers. Every person has a story of their own, and Yazgı will be a production that focuses on human stories.

Some people’s stories cannot be told alone. Here, “Yazgı” emerged as the story of two young people who grew up without knowing each other for years. However, while these two young people are making their own plans, suddenly fate will bring them together. After the two young people meet the plans of fate, the series Yazgı will turn into a love story.

The trailers of the daily series “Yazgı”, which will soon meet with the audience on TV8 screens every weekday, continue to attract the attention of the audience.

Akn Film is the executive producer of the series, produced by Acun Medya. In the scriptwriter group of the series directed by Hakan Şahin and Filiz Polat Turan; Yaşar Aksu, İbrahim Güler, Melek Ordu, Erdal Bektaş, Pınar Ordu, Evren E. Ulucan, Tolga Küçük, Gülseren Aydın and Ali Gögebakan.

All the names in the cast of the series Yazgı are as follows: Erkan Meriç, Yağmur Öztürk, Alper Türedi, Elvan Boran, Buket Dereoğlu, Numan Çakır, Ufuk Kaplan, Cem Baza, Derya Kurtuluş Oktar, Hülya Diken, Ceren Yavuz, Halil İbrahim Yılmaz, Melih Özkaya, Zeynep Utku, Denisa Gültekin, Yasemin Nur Öztürk and Cemal Gönen.