When will the first Turkish-made Kaçış series of Disney Plus be aired after Engin Akyürek's shooting has been completed?
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4 October 2022 21:28


When will the first Turkish-made Kaçış series of Disney Plus be aired after Engin Akyürek’s shooting has been completed?

The shooting of the TV series Kaçış (meaning:Escape), starring Engin Akyürek and İrem Helvacıoğlu, the first actors with which Disney Plus, the digital platform expected to start broadcasting in Turkey in the summer, has finally been completed. Now everyone is wondering when the series will air.

After deciding to enter the Turkish market, the US digital broadcasting platform Disney Plus made its first agreement with Engin Akyürek and İrem Helvacıoğlu. The two actors had started the shooting of the TV series Kaçış, whose story was written by Engin Akyürek, a long time ago.

Filming in Gaziantep, where a special set was set up for the series, has finally come to an end. The escape sequence has now entered a new phase. From now on, everyone has the same question on their mind: When will the Kaçış series air?

It was announced that Disney Plus will launch in August. Therefore, broadcasts will begin immediately after. It is estimated that the production will be broadcast in the summer, shortly after the channel opens, since the first contracted series by the platform is Kaçış.

The series, which is stated to be full of action scenes, will consist of eight episodes. Akyürek and Helvacıoğlu are portraying war correspondents named Mehmet and Zeynep in the series that 03 Medya and Same Film will shoot for Disney Plus.

The script of the series, directed by Yağız Alp Akaydın, belongs to Ali Doğançay. The shooting of the series started a few weeks ago in Gaziantep. A war zone atmosphere was created in Gaziantep for the escape series.

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