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6 July 2022 10:55


While Ada Masalı viewers were nervous about the finale, the atmosphere on the set was very different!

Everyone is wondering about the fate of Ada Masalı series. Especially after Kanal D’s final decision for the Baht Game, the audience is very afraid that the Ada Masalı series will meet the same ending. 15 episodes of the series have been aired so far.

The audience, who continues to worry about the finale for Ada Masalı, which continues on Star TV screens, is nervous because of the low ratings. The final decision of Kanal D’s rival series Baht Oyun in the 17th episode increased this uneasiness.

However, a very different atmosphere prevails on the set of Ada Masalı series. There is no uneasiness experienced by the audience… In fact, the crew of the series is very compatible with each other and has a very entertaining shooting environment.

The Arda Masalı series will be on Star TV with its 16th new episode on Tuesday, October 5th at 20.00. The channel management has not yet made a decision for the series. Alp Navruz announced that they were satisfied with everything.

The famous actor answered journalists’ questions about the series at the event he attended. Expressing that they had a hard time due to the heat in the summer, the famous actor explained that the cold weather made their work easier.

Alp Navruz said, “Right now, our project is going well. We are working very hard. The good thing right now is that the weather is a little colder, we really saw 40 degrees. I used to see the cons in my previous job, now I see a lot of the pros. It’s been a bit of a challenge in terms of climate, but it’s going well now. Our story is beautiful and our environment is beautiful,” he said.

These words of the leading actor are enough to tell that everything is fine in the series team. Alp Navruz’s words confirm that even though many viewers are worried about the finale on social media, this is not reflected on the set.

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