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22 May 2022 08:51


While everyone is waiting for the news of the new TV series, look what Alp Navruz is doing?

Alp Navruz, who appeared on Star TV screens as a summer series and continued for a while in the season, is among the sought-after actors of the last period.

Alp Navruz, who preferred to stay away from the sets for a while instead of starting a new project immediately after his success with Ada Masalı (Island Tale), appeared before his fans with commercials.

The handsome actor, who is frequently on the agenda of the tabloid press with his relationship with Ayça Ayşin Turan, whom he met on the set of the Ada Masalı series and started to have a love affair with, enchants his fans with his social media posts.

From time to time, the player, who shared his sports moments on Instagram, made a name for himself again with his last share.

The photos of Alp Navruz, who has 4.8 million followers on Instagram, poured comments and likes. Fans of the actor commented on the posts that received thousands of comments, such as “The most handsome man in the world!”, “But Mr. Alp”, “You are so beautiful!”, “Baby”.

The actor has many fans not only in Turkey but also abroad. In particular, the interest in the handsome actor has increased considerably, with the Ada Masalı series starting to be broadcast in Spain since November. Alp Navruz, who also came to the fore with his selection as the “Best Actor” among the TV series broadcast in Spain, became the pride of Turkey.

Upon the question of his increasing popularity in Spain, the famous actor said, “We were chosen as the player of the month together, it was nice. There are good echoes in our drama, we like it.”

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