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Who is Bergüzar Korel? Height – Age – Series – Family

Bergüzar Gökçe Korel was born on August 27, 1982 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Bergüzar Gökçe Korel
Date of Birth: August 27, 1982
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.80 m.
Weight: 58 kg
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Eye color brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Mother: Hülya Darcan
Father: Tanju Korel
Spouse: Halit Ergenç
Child: Ali Ergenç, Han Ergenç
Siblings: Zeynep Korel
Pets: She has a dog.

Family: One of the two daughters of Tanju Korel and Hülya Darcan couple. Crete, Rumelian and Albanian origin. She married Halit Ergenç in 2009. The couple has two sons named Ali and Han.

Childhood years: Her childhood passed in Ulus. She got her name, which means ‘the relic’, from her father’s grandmother. Acting was not her childhood dream, and her father did not direct it at all. She always had her father’s sentence in her ear, “It is possible to come up with a job and disappear like soap bubbles”. She played volleyball professionally during her school years but had to quit when she suffered an injury. “I haven’t had a life like princesses. When I look back at my childhood, I see a classic Turkish family. Life changed in 2005 when I lost my father and began to be recognized. “

Education life: She completed her primary education in Nilüfer Hatun Primary School and her secondary education in Yıldız College. She graduated from the Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theater Department.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure in 1998 with the series ‘Broken Lives’ (Kırık Hayatlar).

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character of “Şehrazat Evliyaoğlu”, which she portrayed in the “1001 Nights” series.

Personality traits: Distant but sincere, lively, energetic, humorous, extremely disciplined when it comes to his job. “I am too chatty. If I go to a cafe, I love to chat with the next table. My pots are very famous, my relatives laugh at me very much. But just as a banker or lawyer does not go up on the table during a meeting in the office, every environment has a manners. Distance is good, intimacy is good. When it comes to animals and children, I can be a great brawler. I am a disciplined in my job, but extremely lazy and procrastinating on some issues. ”

Personal development: She worked with Nicole Kidman and Tom Hanks’ coach Susan Baston, and participated in Özay Fecht’s workshops.

Social: She wants to live like a normal person and tries to live that way. She thinks that living with the stress of being a celebrity will take you away from reality. “For example, I love eating, watching movies and spending time in the bookstore in Kanyon, which is my favorite shopping mall. We love Street. We go out on the weekend. People there got so used to us that nobody cares about our reputation. I want to believe that someone who does the acting profession can continue his normal life and I live like this. Of course, there are times when I have difficulties, but this is our job, we chose it willingly and deliberately. When I take off the costumes, I become a normal person.

Mindset: She sees herself as a person who strives to do her job very well. She likes being around the people he trusts and submitting to them. “I am aware that I am a tabloid figure, and from the moment I became known in this profession, I more or less understood the difficulties I will go through even as a young girl. I am grateful at this age for everything I have experienced. Is it difficult? Yes, it is not easy. But time passes and I am getting stronger every moment, instead of mourning, I worry about what I can beautify, who and what I can touch with this recognition. May Allah give me strength, I will stand tall despite all the difficulties and negativities and touch someone’s lives, enough for me. Stardom is just a role that this sparkling world and people have assigned to me.

What kind of person is she on set? There are many factors that she influenced on set. In a sense, it is racing with time. At this point, the character has its own formulas against the danger of getting into a vicious circle and repeating itself. “While preparing for Feride, I worked hard both theoretically and practically, I read a lot. While examining the human side of Feride in the reality of the TV series, one should not forget his professional stance. At this point, the books I collected before the series come into play. There are many biographies and memoirs written by people who have done this profession, and I hug them when I get stuck. When we first entered the conservatory, there was a sentence that all our professors said; “Your ability is up to a point, if you don’t work one day you will lose your way in the dark.”

First motion picture: Serdar Akar / Kurtlar Vadisi Irak

The look at love: “Life is changing. Expectations, moments that make you happy, what you value, your priorities, get angry, everything changes. Over the years, love gives way to labor, which you realize is much more important. You become a life companion, life partner. Then you take a look at the past, everything that happens is more than love. You say “that’s good”. Three men in love with me… ”

Attitude to life: After the age of 35, it feels calmer, calmer and more valuable every moment. In a consciousness that he understands the value of being happy rather than right. “I have always prioritized getting used to the conditions and life presented to me. I was also when I was a little girl and living with my family. They would say ‘It will happen like this’ and I would say ‘OK’. I did not have great revolts or rebellions. I chose to be happy in whatever rhythm life offers me and always found a way. Now why should I stop and miss my life by saying ‘He did this to me’, ‘He said this to me’, ‘I experienced these in time’? Life passes and I choose to be happy every day when I breathe healthily and my loved ones are with me. People get used to everything, and one should not grow too big. ”

Her view of business life: There is a point of view about his profession that he seeks truth, honesty and sincerity. “Arrogant, assertive and ambitious acting is not for me at all. I have never played as a star. I do not go out in the street wearing makeup just because I am known. I cannot be part of such an order. Otherwise I can’t breathe. I think unnecessary egos come into play when a person feels inadequate. You will know yourself. And you won’t take it too seriously. Why should a person try to exist by breaking and crushing other individuals after trusting himself and what he does and doing his part? ”

Career plan: She acts with her emotions and instincts in the selection of projects, as in her normal life. “I do not choose the scenarios arbitrarily, of course this job has a strategy. I am a good audience. Now I understand what the audience will like and what not, I think I have figured out the mathematics of the work a bit. ”

How has her music career developed? She released two albums. During my album and singing process, she regularly worked with Carmen Yeşiltepe, “We already had solfege and singing lessons in the conservatory. After the first album, I always got good comments. I was very happy to hear that my album is still being listened to and accompanying people to their road stories and tables. Then, during my pregnancy, we got together with Aykut Gürel, and when we both expressed people’s expectations while chatting, we said, “Let’s do it again.”

The repertoire was already ready on the first album, we decided together for the second album. Both Aykut Gürel and I are the types who wake up very early in the morning. We were getting in front of the computer, sharing our favorite songs with each other with their stories. ”

Future Dream: She is keen on writing, has stories that she never read to anyone. Her biggest dream is to shoot a movie of her grandfather, who is a tightrope walker.

What has being a mother changed in herlife? “I have always been a very sensitive, emotional person, but after I had a son, I know that there is a part of me behind me. So when I turn my back, there is a person in the back who needs me. I forgot to do business or have a coffee while on set or elsewhere without thinking. Since he was in my life, I laugh a lot more, I feel much more beautiful. I wake up much more excited in the morning. For example, one day we are separated and when I see him the next day, I get excited as if I will meet my lover for the first time. ”

Concerns: One of the issues that worries her is that his sexuality is still not normalized and attracts so much attention. “As a mother, I am very scared. I find myself saying to my child, “My receiver, no one can touch you against their will.” When did the world get so bad? Or was it always bad but are we now aware of everything? The solution to this is deterrent penalties. The man thinks, “I will do it, I will go to bed, I will get amnesty”. There is nothing deterring. ”

How is she with social media? She has been using social media more actively in recent years. “Of course, the power of social media in recent years is undeniable, but the race to express everything there in a wild language as everyone wishes really scares me. But lately, I’ve heard so many words “Bergüzar, do you read about it?” That I started following a little bit. Of course I am happy. I see the time I spend, my progress. Sometimes I laugh a lot. ”

How does she keep her shape? It attaches importance to regular exercise, healthy nutrition, natural care and positive energy. She pays attention to organic nutrition. She always tries to shop from Feriköy Organic Market every Saturday. “I definitely procure vegetables, fruits and legumes from there. I do not bring acidic beverages into the house, I prefer natural fruit juices. I drink lots of water. I add cucumber, mint and ginger to my water and flavor it, as well as removing the edema in the body. I am also training. It is not right to walk and work hard. I do my training for an hour at home. It is necessary to cut the dinner. Lately, I’ve also removed lactose from my life. ”

Hobby: Painting. She took tango lessons. At the same time he takes photographs and opened an exhibition. “I wanted to do a social responsibility project for women. We developed a joint project with Memeder. I took portraits of women who had survived breast cancer. We do not have enough awareness on such an important issue. Lives can be saved with self-examination in early diagnosis. ”

What does she do at home? She loves making cookies, pastries and hosting guests at home. She cannot have breakfast without watching something. She describes herself as “an anxious woman who walks around the house in pajamas all day without a job”. “My phone never stops. I love trolling my friends. I’m obsessed with adjusting the daily routine to the school leaving time of his child, a little flirtatious, I love knitting. While watching a movie, I shout and talk to the TV like old aunts.


2016/2018 – Wounded Love / Azize

2012/2015 -Karadayı / Feride Şadoğlu

2011 – The Magnificent Century / Monica Teresse / Guest Actress

2010/2011- Never Ending Song / Feraye

2006/2009 – 1001 Nights / Şehrazat Evliyaoğlu

2005-Olive Branch (Zeytin Dal) / İklim

1998 – Broken Lives (Kırık Hayatlar)


2019 -Bir Aşk İki Hayat /Deniz

2009-Aşk Geliyorum Demez /Gözde

2006 -Kurtlar Vadisi Irak / Leyla

2005- Cemalim/ Suna

1999-Şen Olasın Ürgüp (TV Film)


2019- Kızlar ve Oğlanlar

Kuva-yi Milliye


2006- Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Actress / 1001 Nights

2013 – Media Oscars / Best Actress / Karadayı

2013- Ayaklı Gazete TV Stars Awards / Best Actress / Karadayı

2013- Golden Lion Awards / Best Actress / Karadayı

2013 – Golden Butterfly Awards // Best Actress / Karadayı

2014 Ayaklı Gazete TV Stars Awards / Best Period Series Actress / Karadayı


2009- Bergüzar’la Çocuktan Al Haberi

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