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4 July 2022 06:40


The poster of A Mother’s Sin has been released

The poster of the new series A Mother’s Sin was presented to the audience. Limon Yapım, produced by Kanal D, and Hayri Aslan’s drama series, “A Mother’s Sin” will meet with its audience very soon.

The poster of the series, which has already attracted the attention of the audience with its published promotions, was also published. The poster of his new series A Mother’s Sin, starring Özge Özberk, Musa Uzunlar, Mert Yazıcıoğlu, Emre Kınay, Simay Barlas and Pamir Pekin, was also very popular.

Directed by Filiz Gülmez Pakman and written by Özlem Atasoy and Yeşim Aslan, “A mother’s Sin” will be broadcast on Kanal D soon. The trailers of the series are shared, but the date has not been determined yet. Which day it will be on the screens is a very important detail.

The pathetic story of a woman who had to kill a man to save her son’s life… Özge Özberk and Musa Uzunlar starring… Mert Yazıcıoğlu will also be the voice of morality and justice in the series.

There are interesting details from the series …

– Subject: Crime and perpetrator! A woman commits a crime, kills someone! Do you think being a woman changes the definition of crime?

– It depends on whether the woman is a mother or not, sir! In addition, sociological conditions affect the decision to be made; that is, it must affect! If we ignore the social causes that create the crime, it will only be the law of the superior! So is it legal? Yes! Is it fair? It is discussed!

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