Who is Büşra Develi? Height - Age - Series - Family
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31 March 2023 16:18


Who is Büşra Develi? Height – Age – Series – Family

Büşra Develi was born on 25 August 1993 in Kocaeli. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Büşra Develi
Date of Birth: August 25, 1993
Place of Birth: Kocaeli
Height: 1.82 m.
Weight: 55 kg
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Eye color brown
Siblings: She has 4 sisters
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bsrdeveli/
Pets: She has a cat.

Family: She was born in Kocaeli and then moved to Antalya with her family. Her father was engaged in trade, she has 4 sisters. “My parents left while I was going to high school. My father settled in Izmit. I stayed with my mother and could not see my father. My mother was a woman with no profession, but she did various jobs to take care of us. Years later, we had full contact with my father when he died of diabetes. ”

Childhood years: She grew up in a house where quarrels and entertainment were present and women’s rights were valid. She was always conscious of women’s power and was free. “Even if I played hide-and-seek in the street until 12 am during my primary school years, my family would not be angry. As a kid, I actually wanted to be a primary school teacher. I was a kid who loved to get attention. Because strangely, at the third of elementary school, I used to pick up microphones and edit the skits I wrote in school, and make embarrassing imitations. I was also calling my teachers, changing my voice and being a phone perverse. It would sound silly, but I had such a curiosity in me. At that time, of course, I couldn’t understand that it was about theater. In fact, my sister, who was studying directing when I was in primary school, had set up a play and we cut tickets in the neighborhood and performed this game. So I always had acting. Then I decided to study orally in the middle second grade. But I never thought I would study theater. ”

How the acting adventure started: She always thought of studying theater, there was no teacher in Antalya to work with. With a sudden decision, she made his way to Istanbul. “Luckily I came across good people. I had no money in my pocket. I started staying with a friend. 1.5 months were left for the conservatory exams. My friend made me work. And I won Mimar Sinan. I respect that, but there is especially a conservatory environment with real life numb spots in Turkey. People want to stay there but may not get enough scholarships. You have to work but you are not allowed to act in commercials or dramas. I also needed money and my own order. I frozen it in the third year and started “Pretty Little Liars” thanks to the director Cem Karcı. ”

Education life: After completing her primary education in Kocaeli, she moved to Antalya with her family. She completed her secondary and high school education in Antalya. She graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theater Department.

The first step to acting: She started her television adventure with the character ‘Selin’ in the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ series in 2015.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the “Bilge” character in the series “Phi”.

Personality traits: Generally cheerful and with high internal energy, emotional, stubborn. “I was crying a lot for a while. Almost everything. I know that I read Nâzım Hikmet and cried some nights. This emotional side of me hurts me. I have always been very insistent on my wishes. I always pushed. But over time I learned that forcing is not always a good option. That is why I now distinguish between situations in which I will or will not be persistent. I also learned not to force it. There are so many things I can criticize myself for. For example, sometimes I can be very idealistic. Even if something hurts me, I can go all the way. Sometimes I have emotional relationships with people, I can be very sensitive. I am also very stubborn. ”

Social: She likes meeting new people and chatting with strangers. She loves walking and taking pictures, she also took dance lessons for a semester.

Mindset: Fame has never had her purpose. She does not find it healthy to have fame as a purpose, she thinks it is artificial. “Fame is not something you can add to your identity. Namely, there is an empty seat there, you are sitting on that seat with the right timing and luck, but someone else would sit if you were not. That seat has to be full. I cannot assume this situation by thinking “I did it!” Feeling special with fame is a great illusion. The potential for destruction is also very high. But I cannot ignore that popularity is in the good business and opens the door to working with talented people. ”

What kind of person is she on set? After entering the sector, there were points where she lost the freedom to be herself in the relationships she established with people. Because she realized that things were running like she never thought. “In this case, I found the solution as follows; Regardless of who I am, I approach the work as myself so I am not confused. I treat everyone below, upstairs, producer, director the same. I am a person open to criticism, but I take whatever works for me. And this is very related to the value I give to the person in front of me. If that person is someone whose mind I trust, I value his criticism. ”

The source of happiness: She likes to be compared to the French actress Juliette Binoche. “An actress that I love very much and enjoy watching. I love being compared. ”

First movie: Can Ulkay / Ayla

What does it do very well? She thinks she’s good at talking and expressing herself. “We can say that I am good at imposing an idea. I love to win over the other person. I can say I’m good at bargaining. ”

Does she like being known? She doesn’t like it very much. She mostly likes to be among people and to be fed by observing them. And when all eyes are on her, shhe can’t look out that much. “This prevents the pleasure I get from life. I go out on the street forgetting about them. The thing I fear the most is living in a glass jar one day. ”

How does she think he looks from the outside? She thinks it looks harmless. “There are some people who have high egocentric energies and are dangerous to others. Since I have never had such a thing, I feel that people are comfortable with me and trust me. My appearance from the outside is just an image. Those who do not know me may think about me, but those who do feel that I am harmless. ”

Her gaze on love: “Everything flows so fast that this is reflected in relationships. Relationships, like everything else, deteriorated. We treat people like iPhones, we think “I can find a better, a higher model anyway.”

Her view of life: She always tries to put her own world at the center of her life. “The moments when I was alone, with only me and my things in it. Whatever happens outside, I take refuge in that world and find strength. A woman should experience living only with herself, even once in her life. A woman must have a period when she can live with her and be happy. ”

Perspective on business life: She thinks there is no luxury to make mistakes in her professional business life. “When we were at school, our teachers used to say, ‘The Conservatory scene is a place to make mistakes.’ We had a lot of freedom to bullshit. I do not have such a luxury right now. I feel responsible for this. When you enter the business life at an early age, you have to mature quickly. Acting is shaped by my age, what I have experienced, what I read, what I saw, that is to say, my experiences that it is not possible for me to formulate it. But the more I add to myself, the richer the material gets, I know that. There is always something I can’t do for the role. The life of Büşra and Büşra is far ahead of any profession. In short, my job is not my life. I always consider the world as Büşra, other things come next. But I think it’s also good to be able to give up something. If the character that impresses me is not commercial, my life should have a role; then there is nothing I will not do. ”

Career plan: She has a different understanding of perfectionism, she doesn’t think it is a very good thing because the desire to achieve the perfect stops her at some point. “If it is not going to be perfect, you are taking the logic of never being. I have never felt complete in acting. It was the feeling of lack that got me moving. It always feels like I have to do a lot. You start to go back when you say “this is done” not only in acting but in any branch of art. I just might not enjoy acting within the system. Other than that, I don’t think I’ll ever get colder than acting itself. ”

Concerns: Very obsessive. She is especially obsessed with system-related things. “I think we are not able to use our potential fully, everything prevents this, takes our joy. This is a global thing. There is information pollution. People are somehow lazy thinking. We are disconnected from the moment because of electronic items. This is also very important because everything actually happens in the moment. The solution may only be to expand our vision. I recommend everyone to read a little more and experience what they read. ”

What does she do at home? She reads book. Reading is more of an action than watching movies. “I write something other than that, keep a diary, try to cook healthy meals at home.”

How does she keep his shape? She does pilates and takes care of a healthy diet.


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2018 – Mehmed: A Conqueror of the World (Mehmet: Bir Cihan Fatihi) / Eleni

2017/2018 – Pgi / Bilge (Internet Series)

2016 – Sweet Revenge / Rüzgar

2015 – Pretty Little Liars / Selin


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