Series News Who is Goncagül Sunar? Height – Age – Series – Family

Who is Goncagül Sunar? Height – Age – Series – Family

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Goncagül Sunar was born on September 17, 1970 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actress and musician.

Name: Goncagül Sunar
Date of Birth: September 17, 1970
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.64 m.
Weight: 57 kg
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Eye color brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Spouse: Marsel Zalma
Child: Aksel Zalma
Siblings: Demet Sunar
Pets: They have cats.

Family: She has a son named Aksel from her marriage to sound engineer Marsel Zalma.

Education life: She started her art life in 1991 with Şahika Tekand and Studio Players Community.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the series ‘Mahallenin Muhtarları’.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character of “Hayriye Soylu” in the TV series “Asmalı Konak”.

The turning point of her career: She started her career with the series ‘Mahallenin Muhtarları’ in the period when there were not many TV series. She was also doing theater at that time. “I was in front of the screen with the TV series Mahallenin Muhtarları. Then came the series one after the other. Of course, I was a very excited, very naive, very inexperienced girl. I could not feel much, frankly, there was a mental state of being in the air due to age, which was normal for me back then. Being in the TV series that left their mark on that period has a weight in itself. So I am lucky too. I think this is one of the only reasons that underline my name. The series ‘Rose And The Thorn’ is in a very special place for me. No TV series like that came out. It has not been a job that I love as much as he does. It was such a naive series that all the characters, especially Canan, were really handled like a lace. When I look back, Canan is the only gift in my life that gives me pride, makes me who I am and strengthens my name. ”

Personality traits: Struggling, sincere, realistic, disciplined, modest. “I am a naturally self-contained woman who tries to do her best to break the tradition, who produces and creates the European without any European affection.

The source of happiness: She feels happy whenever she steals from life.

First motion picture: Tunç Başaran / Abuzer Kadayıf

View of life: In a productive but anxious period of her life. “I started acting adventure by joining the acting studio opened by Şahika Tekand in the early 90’s. I always had theater in my mind, but I found myself on TV with the opening of private channels. I have been an actor in the industry for 27 years, and in the second half of my life, I can describe myself as a person who is obsessed with producing music and determined to maintain these two intertwined disciplines properly. ”

Perspective on business life: Despite all the difficulties brought by her profession, she never gives up her effort to produce. “We live in a country where standing and being able to exist is more difficult than acting. Because there is a structure where the Eastern culture is dominant. You can be in unfair situations and witness them. Sometimes, even if you catch a bird with your mouth, do something different and high-end, but you are not very famous, you may not get enough attention. That’s why you shouldn’t give up and try. I am a character who tries to stay calm and patient in this turmoil despite these conditions. ”

Career plan: She will continue to act until the end of her life, and music will always be part of her career plan. “Of course I continue to act. I want to be in TV shows and movies. I just didn’t focus on the album. I want it to be in music in my life. I have an album. I wanted both of them to develop in parallel. Theater, TV series, film and music are intertwined disciplines for me. All of them will continue under my seat. The road is long and very bumpy. I have to be courageous, strong and dynamic. I am both at the beginning of the road and when I look at my life processes, I am in a correct and productive period. ”





Music Career: Since 2002, she has been intertwined with music, writing lyrics and composing. She wanted to make good music, write songs, and design songs. She released her album in 2019, where she sang songs that belong to her as a result of her long labor and creation. She included 8 songs written and composed by herself in the album. “En Uzak Yakın” is a very late album, but when I look at the simplest equivalents of my own life processes and the music movements that I am influenced by, it was released just in time. I’ve been writing and composing songs for a long time. This: Oh, the actress is not a story like a aspiring singer. I am already playing the guitar, writing lyrics and setting up his music. This has been the case for years, but now comes to light. We set out with the leadership of garage music (passage music). I make my own music, we have realized the sound I wanted with my two producers Caner Karamukoğlu and Hakan Kurşun I chose. Simple but powerful songs with alternative, modern guitars and sounds will come as singles, respectively. The songs will be clipped and broadcast on digital platforms one after the other. Here we are heading towards small album and stage. I chose the song that came out of me, as I do the music that comes out of me. I seek to be understood, not the masses.

How does she define the style of music? She defines her music style as clear, characterful and western. “So it’s a bit risky for here. Reading by touching the heart is not for me. The emotional voice that impresses me is not those who sing with a gentle tune. But here, a way of reading a song like ‘give the feeling’ with a light tune is preferred, others do not mean much, maybe they are wanting to people or it seems plain. It is not like that for the female vocals that I am influenced by; So this is the comment that comes out of me. But I love to sing and sing from a sincere natural deep place. ”

What has being a mother changed in her life? After she became a mother, she became a more self-sacrificing and compassionate person. “You feel more beautiful and special. Actually, all women can do this, but the mother considers it a success in life. I have become much more affectionate and watery-eyed towards all living things. I am already a soft hearted and sharing person. I became more realistic. This is an inevitable situation brought about by being a parent. You’re getting into an average. Even if you have your own dreams, your world, you become ordinary. So when you walk down the street, you also interfere with those strollers. You have a lot in common with those people. But this banality has a very magical beauty in itself. This is true happiness. “What is life you call?” Is human. Creating a family is very important and something that makes people very happy. Beyond any success in the world. ”

Concerns: She finds the fake relationships between people and the pollution on social media alarming. “I think the souls of the people are dead. We live in a soulless, emotionless world. Also, the result in third world countries like us has been much worse. Instagram is a pretty messy environment. Young girls, in particular, are unaware that they look like porn stars, with puffy puckered lips, empty and supposedly sexy looks, and identical faces. Stories that seem to be constantly doing something, seem active all the time, likes bought, people who make money by promoting products, and pretending to be happily productive are like a dark bottomless well. But the people of this age wanted to be like this, this was presented to him and the people of this age accepted it. An empty world, an absurd perception of celebrities. Nothing you create without being famous doesn’t matter. If you are a man of your own, you seem faint and absent. The whole world was squeezed into those cell phones. These people who are fed with lies will not be able to leave a single thing to the future. The good side is that man forgot boredom and his mortality, he found a toy that will keep himself busy for many years. The good side of social media has made the social facts we alarmed are very visible and on the surface. But there is an information flow pollution that is consumed so rapidly that it is also being forgotten. There are no ugly women, there are poor women. This is the period. “I don’t want to see your under-eye bags sagging cheeks, your big nose, there is a string of demands that say, come and get it done, don’t be jealous, come and get it done.


1992 – Mahallenin Muhtarları / Goncagül

2002 – Asmalı Konak / Hayriye Soylu

2004 / 2005- Rose And The Thorn / Canan Cansev

2005- Güz Yangını / Zülal

2006 – Fırtına / İklima

2007 – Sweet Revenge / Havva

2007- Güzel Günler / Şükriye

2011- Leyla and Mecnun / Sabiha / Alevsu (Guest Actor)

2012- Desperate Housewives / Nazan

2013- Salih Kuşu / Vesile

2014- Magnificent Century / Gem

2014- Murder / Meryem Borova

2015- A Part Of Me / Şükran Yörükhan

2017- Flames Of Desire

2017- Rüya (Dream) / Vuslat Akarsu

2017- Çember (Circle)

2018- Gülizar / Nazan

2019- My Sweet Lie / Pervin

2018/2019 – One Liter of Tears / Suna


2019- Ağlak Arif (TV Film)

2019- Lady Winsley/ Fatma

2018- Müslüm/ Suzan

2018- Babamın Kemikleri/ Nurşen

2017- Her Şey Mümkün / Arzu

2015- Uzaklarda Arama

2013- Mutlu Aile Defteri / Ayça

2008 -Issız Adam / Müşteri

2005- Döngel Karhanesi/ Gülsüm

2005- O Şimdi Mahkum / Mine

2003- Asmalı Konak Hayat/ Hayriye Soylu

2000- Filler ve Çimen

2000- Abuzer Kadayıf

1999- Günaydın İstanbul Kardeş/ Reyhan (TV Film)


2019- Tartuffe / Elmire

2018- Empatopya

2016- Nereye Gitti Bütün Çiçekler?

2013- Yatak Odası Diyalogları


2019- En Uzak Yakın


Flying Broom Women’s Film Festival / Best Short Film Screenplay Award